We were born and raised in the beautiful villages of the Greek Countryside, asmostof the Greek people belonging to the previous generation. Overwhelmed by our need to study and work, we left for the cities; the cities that were built in the turbulence of human loneliness and mechanical sounds. We deprived ourselves, as well as our senses, from the sounds, the images, the colors, the flavors and the scents of nature.

At some point, as we return as guests to the few things that have remained pure and unaffected from human exploitation, we realize that the essence of life is still there. Once again, we discover the seasons as nature has defined and measured them. We are fortunate since we can experience the light of the day and the silence of the night again. We discover again all the elements that compose nature, as well as their purpose; the rain falls to nourish us, rather than drown us, the wind to caress us, rather than drift us away, filling us with nature's most extraordinary scents and aromas.

We discover the moment, the time that has come to stay, rather than abandon us; the scents emerging from the earth, the flowers, the wet soil and the dry grass. We see for ourselves that nature's creatures, including humans, animals, birds and insects, all share the same land in a unique manner. Out of our own personal need, we builta ranch in the countryside. However, there are times when this redundancy of beauty becomes disappointing since we can't share the joy of relish, as well as the grandeur of life within nature. Therefore, in our effort to reverse this fact, we managed to set up a variety of structures to fulfill our wish to welcome and host those overwhelmed by their memories or those that never had the luck of gaining experiences from the countryside. The landscape is picturesque surrounded by its special natural beauty; the people and place with traditions and an important history.

We transformed our ideas into actions. Inspired by the creativity found in the natural environment, we succeeded in making our dream come true.

Everything that we have succeeded until this point did not emerge out of the need to just set up an enterprise, but out of the need to experience the notion of sharing.

Yiannis - Fani

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Ecotourism In Crete

As from the ancient times, Crete has been a crossroad of civilizations and a bridge that connects 3 continents. It is an island of intense geophysical changes, mountains with high peaks, plateaus, canyons with springs, lowlands and beaches beyond imagination.

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Enagron Ecotourism Village

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