Driving up to Mount Psiloritis, either from Heraklion or from Rethymno, at the village of Axos, the most ancient settlements of this mythical mountain, just above the springs of the river Mylopotamos, which gave its name to this province, opposite to cliffs and gorges where the harrier eagles have their nests, lies the ENAGRON.

The landscape is mountainous, unique and of exceptional beauty.

Nature is at its best with the thousands of plants and herbs of Crete:
The waterside flora meets the plants and herbs on top of Mount Psiloritis, the orange-trees grow next to the native maple-trees and the hollies share their habitat with the olive-trees and the carobs.

Along with the marvellous flora and fauna the mountain features also unique geological formations, rock beds, caves, gorges and plateaus as well as shepherds' vaulted stone huts, reminding you of ancient civilisations. No wonder why Mount Psiloritis was characterised as a Natural Geopark by the UNESCO.

The far most important thing about Mount Psiloritis however are the people who live in the numerous villages scattered on its slopes, representing the most traditional societies of Crete. Here one can find customs and traditions, everyday rituals and behaviours that have their roots centuries back. The people here are explosive, full of emotions, friendly with very interesting social and religious manifestations.

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Ecotourism In Crete

As from the ancient times, Crete has been a crossroad of civilizations and a bridge that connects 3 continents. It is an island of intense geophysical changes, mountains with high peaks, plateaus, canyons with springs, lowlands and beaches beyond imagination.

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Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Crete, Greece.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
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