The traditional Cretan Diet is one of the best known examples of healthy nutritional models, as shown by many medical researches carried out until today. Its benefits are included in the special brochure given to our customers. For a better acquaintance with this diet but also with the traditional gastronomy, we organize a day activity, a short taste trip of "initiation" to the Cretan nutritional model.

We start the day with visits around our farm, the gardens, the vineyard, the orchard, the stable. We cultivate olives, grapes, fruits and vegetables. However, we do not use any pesticides or fertilizers because we want to get the authentic taste and the ultimate quality of the products. The same applies to milk and eggs produced in our farm.

Cretan dishes are basically seasonal and for this reason we never force nature, we never rush but expect the natural ripening of the products, according to the season. Our customers can not only watch the gathering of the products but also take part in it themselves. They can participate in the gathering of fruit and vegetables, even of wild greens, basic ingredients of the Cretan Diet.

According to the season, the program also includes:
Grape harvest: It takes place in September, in the beginning or in the middle of the month depending on the ripening time of the grapes.
Olive harvest: The gathering of the olives and their pressing for the production of extra virgin olive oil is done during the winter, after the middle of November, and continues for a few weeks depending on the amount of the product.
Cheese making: In our farmstead there is a small cheese-making establishment where local cheese of excellent quality is produced. Cheese-making demonstration takes place from time to time by professionals who prefer to use the traditional methods. The customers can participate in this procedure and try the products.

After the return from the guiding tour around the farm, we visit the kitchen. Our cooks, Stavroula, Eirini and Virginia are expecting us there. They have all been born and grown up in the neighboring villages, have been familiar with the local tastes since childhood and in addition they have been trained on food hygiene. They will show us how to prepare some of the most typical dishes of Crete.

The program continues with demonstrations of traditional food preservation methods and bread making with whole-wheat flour.

Finally we can all enjoy the food the preparation of which we have already attended or have participated in it in various ways.

Because we think that gastronomy, food and healthy nutrition are very serious matters, our kitchen is open every day and customers or guests can visit it any time, without any extra charge, and watch the preparation of food.

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